Kickstart your intuitive eating journey and learn how to get aligned to what works for you!

This challenge is designed to help you...

⚡ Learn what type of eater you are and what is keeping you stuck⁠

⚡ Stop the harmful yo-yo dieting cycle ⁠

⚡Adopt self compassionate mindfulness while ditching the harmful all-or-nothing mindset⁠

⚡Flex those intuitive eating muscles we are all born with that have been buried by diet culture.⁠

This challenge is great for those experiencing food obsession & overwhelm...

✨ You always think about your next meal or “cheat meal”⁠
✨ You hate calorie tracking ⁠
✨ You start and stop diets - nothing seems to work⁠
✨You get anxiety about food ⁠

Does this sound like you?


Girl, it's time to ditch diets and get in touch with your body through intuitive eating!


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In just three days you can:

✨Massively shift your relationship with food and body

✨Discover and eliminate what has been keeping you stuck

✨Make powerful, lasting transformation toward healthful living! 

Listen to your intuition.

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