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Online Intuitive Eating & Mindset Coaching 

Transform your mindset and heal your relationship with food and body

1:1 Coaching for high vibe, ambitious women ready to embody joyful health, self-love, and radiant confidence 

It's time to ditch diets, bingeing & guilt for good!

Free 3 Day Food Freedom Challenge: Develop Your Intuitive Eating Mindset

Dissolve blocks keeping you stuck⁠ in the harmful yo-yo dieting cycle & get aligned to what works

Is food holding you back from living your life fully?

You know that you have the potential to feel amazing and fully present with wellness, but something is holding you back. As a growth junkie, you are killing it at work or in relationships, but with food you feel stuck.

Food Obession

  • You’ve tried so many diets and nothing seems to work for you 

  • You want to be able to ‘eat normal’ and enjoy your food 

  • Hate wasting a lot of time & mental energy calorie counting

  • Feeling guilty or anxious every time you eat

  • Not knowing what to eat or when to eat

Low Energy

  • Feeling unhappy in your body 

  • Wanting to workout but feeling too wiped out

  • Regularly feeling exhausted even if you sleep 8 hours

  • Having no energy to connect with your family or to grow your business

  • Feeling out of touch with what feels good and gives you energy

Food Anxiety

  • You are either all-in with health or all-out 

  • You struggle with binge eating 

  • Always thinking about food and your next meal 

  • Feel out of control around ‘forbidden’ foods 

  • Intense cravings & overeating at night

  • You want to attend social events without stressing over food

I know exactly how it feels because I was there before. 

It’s not about the food.

When I learned how to change the belief system I created through my thoughts, I changed my life.  

I stopped dieting, restricting, binging, emotionally eating and obsessing.


For years I would trade one poor relationship with food for another crappy version until I discovered how to truly have food freedom.


Now, I help ambitious women like you have it all.  You can have total freedom with food and thriving with confidence because you are worthy! 

 How my Intuitive Eating Mindset Program helps you break free

60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

We’ll identify the root of your food & body image struggles to break free from the patterns holding you back. 

Unlimited Messaging Support

Don’t have to wait for our next scheduled session if you are struggling, get help when you need it.

Ice Cream Cone

Tested & Proven Framework

Have confidence that you’re investing in a system that works so you can finally stop the cycle of fad dieting.

Goal Setting & Accountability 

Know exactly what success looks like & finally put an end to overwhelm. Accountability with goals - build confidence.

The 3-month 1:1 Intuitive Eating Mindset Program ($333/mo)  Includes the following:

✓ A monthly 1h mindset transformational session to heal food and body related blocks

✓ A monthly 1h session to reinforce the change and learn evidenced-based nutrition principles

✓ A weekly accountability check-in to establish weekly goals, next steps, track progress and celebrate wins

Click here to download a Proposal Slide Deck for requesting program coverage at your work place:


I feel much better this time of year compared to last year. This year I feel great, I have so much self care, I don't feel anxious about the holidays and I'm not emotionally eating whatever is around. I feel so energized and I've become a morning person from the improvement in my nutrition - allowing myself to eat breakfast and eat more throughout the day. I'm performing better at the gym, I'm sleeping better, and others are even noticing and commenting on how much happier I seem. I love that now I can easily recognize and delete messages from my gym I now see as harmful that focus on weight loss challenges. Last year I would be feeling so bad about myself and my weight, but since I've focused on intuitive eating and having a good relationship with food, no longer depriving myself and obsessed with weight, my mindset and my health have completely transformed. Working with you was a mindset reset that has given me results fast and improved my life so much. - Melanie Rodriguez.


I'm no longer emotional eating or bingeing! Instead of having 5 'healthy' snacks that weren't satisfying, then finally caving to the ice cream and feeling bad about all the food I ate, now I allow myself to just eat the ice cream with self-compassion and guilt-free. I am able to eat a satisfying portion and move on.


I feel so much better in my relationship with food. Thank you for your positive upbeat attitude every call and helping me make great changes!


I’m feeling great, happy mood, high energy, stronger and more energized! I am eating more now and listening to my body.


4 Pillar Framework

Pillar 1: Mindset Coaching


I show you how to take action and apply my method so that you can achieve success. In this pillar you will identify your blind spots improve them with a growth mindset, let go of limiting beliefs, build a loving and empowered relationship with yourself, and make forward progress setting smart goals maintaining a work-life balance.


Pillar 2: Intuitive Eating Coaching 


I teach you the 10 principles of intuitive eating and IE skills so that you can repair your relationship with food and become an intuitive eater. End dieting for good and learn to rely on your body’s intelligence so that you know when to eat and what to eat. Eliminate guilt and eat with joy!


Pillar 3: Body Image 


Struggled all your life to feel comfortable in your own body? Whether you've been staying covered up, playing small, or feeling down right unworthy - it's time to learn the truth about your undeniable, inherit worth. It's time to shine. To thrive. We will work through the deep-rooted beliefs, integrate the new patterns, mindset, and action to improve your self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and boost body image. 


Pillar 4: Gentle Nutrition / Mindful Movement


I provide you with the evidenced-based nutrition recommendations to keep you well nourished. I also provide quick and easy meals and snacks so that you have balanced options for you and your family. Let’s make movement fun again. There are a lot of barriers to exercise and I want to help make break some of those down. Mindful movement is about connecting to your body and your needs. Discover a new empowering approach to movement.

3 Steps to Food Freedom

  1. Apply & Then Schedule your FREE 30-min clarity call 

  2. Choose your program 

  3. Apply my framework & change your life

Meet Melissa Smith

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Intuitive Eating Dietitian & Mindset Coach


Hello Beautiful Soul,

It's time to welcome in alignment, attunement, and nourishing, joyful health.

Do you feel high vibe in work and life yet totally out-of-control when it comes to food?

I know what it feels like to be at war with your body and with food. Like you, I’ve struggled with all the fad diets. I wasted so much mental energy and time calorie counting and obsessing over food just to feel exhausted, hangry, and out-of-control around food. 

After getting my MBA and becoming a dietitian, I discovered intuitive eating which lead me to heal my relationship with my body and make peace with food. The war against food was over. By repairing my relationship with food, I healed in many ways.   Through intuitive eating, I honored my own body by listening to its needs, nourishing it, and appreciating it. For the first time I stopped chasing after external validation and grew inner confidence and compassion for myself. 


Intuitive eating gave me the food freedom and energy anI needed to focus on my loved ones, my business, and my purpose . Now I teach women to move and to eat in enjoyable, nourishing ways.


With my 4-pillar framework, I help you gain clarity and confidence in your food choices and your body. Tap into your body’s intelligence and transform your relationship with food so you can feel great every day.

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Mindset, Health and Everything in Between

As part of an intuitive eating approach, the goal is to be attuned to your body. 

Grab my Free 7 Day Guide! Be in flow of appetite awareness. Start honoring your hunger & fullness. 

7 day Appetite Awareness Guide 

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“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”


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